Monday, May 11, 2015

Day 1

In February of 1987 I had my last child. My post pregnancy weight for my 5'4" frame was 146# and I was devastated and feeling huge.
I wish I was that huge right now. 

Sometime during the summer of 1987 the grocery store where I shopped began a community diet plan. I shopped each week and gathered each of the pamphlets but never started the diet. Recently I came across the diet and thought I might as well give it a go.
It is called the Rotation Diet. It starts out very low calorie and changes each week to keep your metabolism revved.

So I have shopped, I have weighed, and I've eaten my "last supper," so, here it is, Monday morning, let's go.
Pops is going to do it with me which should make it easier for both of us.
Along with this Diet we are doing 21/21 Walking Challenge. We will be walking at least 21 miles in the next 21 days. That is only 1 mile a day. I can do that. Pops just finished 21/21 yesterday and he walked over 50 miles!
 Do you want to do it with us? I hope so. Let's go.

We are going to try to walk in all 48 states. 

Florida - Pops 2.12 miles, Noni 1.37 miles
Tennessee- Pops 3 miles, Noni 1

Here is Week one of the Rotation Diet


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