Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 3

The diet is going pretty well. It helps when the food is interesting and fresh.
We made banana wraps this morning for our breakfast.
Pops slept most of the day while I did the driving. I kept watching the sky and hoped that we would get our walk in before the rain came. 
We stopped in the evening and it started to downpour. So I prepared our supper hoping that the rain would slack off. And just as the food was done the rain became only a drizzle. So we turned the food off and started out to walk. 
We are in Nebraska at a rest area. We walked the sidewalks all around the building and grounds. I walked my mile and Pops went 3 miles.

The exercise is slow going for me. I am getting really bad leg pain. I believe it might be because I need my back adjusted. But I am going to keep plugging on.

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