Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day 13

We are home with family. That brings challenges to the diet. So today we are combining our lunch and supper. 
Instead of hamburger patty with cheese and a salad for lunch and meatless sauce with pasta for supper, we are having meat sauce over spaghetti squash combined with some whole wheat pasta and salad. 
Learning, or should I say, relearning, how to put healthy meals together and following up with reasonable exercise is doable. It just takes planning and want-to.
I have found a motivation. So I hope that I can continue to be motivated and don't settle.
Dr Phil says, "The only difference between you and the person you envy is that you chose to settle."
I have settled and I am cheating myself and my family by allowing unhealthiness to rule. I no longer what to do that.

Pops went to the woods with the soninlaw to hunt turkeys. That counted as his walk and exercise.
I took my grand dog, Boots for a walk back the country road beside our house.
From my walk:

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