Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 20

Today I walked the same country roads that I walked last evening. I just love the country.
I saw a goose family.

My heart is heavy because of the loss of someone that was a good friend. She was in a wheelchair and on oxygen for breathing problems. I realize how very fortunate I am that even though sneezing because of pollen and sore legs, I can walk and breath. 
But I take these things for granted and allow myself to be idle and out of shape.
That is the purpose of this Rotation diet and activity log. Pops and I want to be as healthy as it is up to us.
Life should be lived and lived fully.
There are a lot of health problems in this world. Some cannot be helped, some are the result of bad choices on our part. 
All of us are in bodies that decay and are dying a little each day. But cells are amazing and also renew themselves over time.
Everyday we can take the health that we have, at whatever stage it is, and choose to die a little or live a little.
I choose life.

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