Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 2

Today is our Monday and it is rude.
We arrived at our pickup location last night after dark and there is plenty of room to park, so we did. 
Our pickup time today was noon but we were awakened by loud banging on our door this morning early. They would load us now!
So we rushed around like crazy people getting ready and getting our load on. It is a hazmat load which means brain power is needed and we hadn't had coffee yet. Grrrrr.
But , time now to settle down and restart the right way, buckets of coffee and scripture.
Ok, ready to face the day.

We used yogurt in place of milk for our breakfast this morning.

For lunch I substituted Queso Fresco (Mexican cheese) crumbled for the cottage cheese and made a wrap with raw baby spinach, fresh Florida tomatoes, and red onion and the cheese. Yum yum.

We walked in Tennessee at Nickajack Lake/Tennessee River.
I got my mile, a lot of it was uphill. Pops got over 3 miles and he did a lot of stairs. I made our supper while he finished walking. 
We had tilapia filets, green beans and carrots.
Here are some pictures from our walk

This is a baby bird that was learning to fly.

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