Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 15

Today is Memorial Day and it is also weigh day.
Pops lost 3 pounds and I lost 4. That is pretty good.

Week three diet is exactly the same as Week one, except now the walking increases to 45 minutes.

We are on call for work so have to stick close by the house. We both got our walks in though. I am loving walking the country road next to our house.

This is our little village. Our house is just visible on the left.

It is very hard to follow our diet when there are so many scrumptious picnic foods around. But momentum is in our favor right now.
We did have a very good supper. We saved our calories by skipping lunch, then at supper we had 3 BBQ'd chicken wings, 1 oz boiled shrimp, and 2 oz of grilled steak, 8 grilled asparagus spears and fruit. It was fantastic.
I have found a really really good sugar free BBQ'd sauce at Walmart. It is G. Hughes Brand and like I said, it is good.then we finished off our Memorial Day by watching the movie, The American Sniper.

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