Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 52

This is Week 8. And Pops and I are still doing ok. Next week, Week 9 is the plan for the rest of your life, after weight loss. So since we still have weight to lose, we will begin Week 1 all over again. 
I am just as excited and eager to begin. I am not tired of this diet. I feel good and it works.
Pops is walking 4+ miles each day, I walk 2 or more. We feel much better.
This is where we walked today.

Pops and I find money on the ground almost every time we walk now.

Sunday is our weigh day. I am a little worried because I have been retaining fluid. I realized that I am eating too many pickles. So I won't eat any more for now.
Also after we weigh on Sunday morning, we are going to have a day off. We are both wanting eggs. We each have only had 2 eggs in the last 8 weeks and we are craving an omelette. 

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