Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 62

I woke up early this am in Las Vegas. It was 5:30 local time. Pops had driven all night and we were at our delivery.
We were carrying 7 pallets of floor tile for a restaurant called, Sweet Tomatoes. It had to be unloaded by us using our pallet jack and liftgate. Normally we don't load or unload so this was quite a morning workout.
After that we headed to California to wait for our Monday dispatch.
So this evening we walked in the 83 degree heat. It was 8:15 pm and we figured it wouldn't get much cooler. But there was no humidity and a good breeze. I walked around a little this afternoon while Pops napped so I got 2.6 miles for the day, Pops got 2.
Tomorrow we will still be here so I think we already have a walking plan.
We had sautéed summer squash, grilled chicken and a spinach salad for supper.
I think we will have a sugar free Popsicle now for a treat.
Tomorrow is weigh day.

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