Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 70

Weigh day:
Pops was down 2 pounds. I was down 1/2 pound. We are both still very excited about this diet and our progress.
Today after church I went to a walkin clinic to have my ankle checked. Mostly because I wanted to be sure I wasn't hurting it more by walking on it. I was told that it is mostly caused by arthritis and aggravation of an old injury. 
Dr Simon told me that maybe I should walk less distance. But I balked. It has taken me so long to work up to 3 miles. And I feel so proud of this accomplishment. I really don't want to go backward. So.... He told me I could continue the 3 miles if I walk at a slower pace and stop if pain gets too bad.
We walked this evening in South Carolina after dark. I got 3.5 miles.

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