Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 31

Today is Pops' birthday. He is 65 years old. And he is looking pretty good, I think. I am so proud of him taking charge of his health and inspiring me to want to as well.
There was as time when I was very obsessive about every little bite I took and also about doing a specific amount of exercise every single day. Then I decided to just stop doing it. I don't know the reason or the exact time but I did it. I gave up on myself.
And for years have disliked the results of that choice.
Now I am starting to feel good.....and healthy. I like this plan and the foods and the activity. 
I sure hope we keep going with it.
We walked in Minnesota today at our favorite rest area. There is a walking trail and a lake (duh, there are 10,000 lakes in Minnesota) and we usually see deer here in the evenings, but none yet.
No birthday cake for Pops today, but maybe some jello and cool whip.
Here are some pictures from our walk.

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